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poniedziałek, 10 grudnia 2012

FarmVille 2 Cheats and Hack v.6.50

FarmVille 2, is a new 3D Farming game Visuals on Facebook, developed my Zynga.com. The company’s biggest facebook game at the moment, currently out of closed beta and accessible to players on Facebook and Zynga.com.
Water is vital and rare resource in FarmVille 2. You need water in FarmVille 2 to grow trees, crops and in some crafting recipes just like real farming. Unfortunately it is limited and takes time to regenerate. If you are a player with a large farm having many plots surely doesn’t want their plots and trees to look barren in absence of water. If you are new to FarmVille 2 you definitely want to grow fast and catch up levels. Now you don’t need to wait for water to refill and can have unlimited Water.

When combined with crafting energy of Kitchen you can earn quick experience and FarmVille 2 Coins and with every level of experience growth you FarmVille 2 unlock new Crops, trees and items. Tomato in FarmVille 2 only takes one minute to grow full. You can prepare Tomato paste in Kitchen of FarmVille 2 which need only Tomatoes as ingredient and nothing else. Every paste of Tomato you prepare requires 8 tomatoes and sells for 120 Coins and you will gain +2 experience.

FarmVille 2 Cheat Features:

Farmville 2 Coins Hack
Farmville 2 Farm Bucks Hack
Farmville 2 Feed Hack
Farmville 2 Water Hack
Farmville 2 Fertilizer Hack
Farmville 2 Double XP Hack
Unlimited Energy


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